Beating Cocaine Addiction at a Drug and Alcohol Treatment Facility in Arizona

The alarming rise in cocaine abuse in recent years has affected all social groups, even those working in the detox profession. Cocaine is an incredibly addictive drug; this addiction involves suffering for the individual, his or her family, colleagues, and friends. Reputable drug and alcohol treatment Arizona starts with finding a unique facility.

Cocaine decreases attention, memory, conceptualization and mental flexibility. Cocaine addiction requires specialized detoxification and treatment. The facility chosen should guarantee each patient’s rehab personalization and do so in a pleasant and secure environment according to the needs of each person.

Cocaine withdrawal

Cocaine withdrawal symptoms are more related to mental health than to physical health and can be painful and underestimated. There is no medication to control cocaine withdrawal. The stimulating effects of cocaine increase levels of intellectual alertness and energy, while detoxification causes the opposite effect and the person feels like they are “crashing.”

The consequences are fatigue, loss of energy, mood changes, insomnia, and restlessness. Uncontrollable urges can be accompanied by anxiety, paranoia, depression and sometimes even suicidal tendencies. Patients with a history of cocaine use may have problems with high blood pressure or heart disease.

All these symptoms are managed by a medical team and in a clinical context, to avoid relapse. Specific detoxification also aims to improve brain function while countering the toxic effects of cocaine in the brain. An exclusive technique, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, is additionally helpful.

The effects of cocaine

Cocaine makes the blood vessels narrower and decreases blood flow to the brain. It also causes damage to large and small blood vessels. The general effect is the decrease in oxygenation. Studies show that cocaine use decreases attention, memory, conceptualization and mental flexibility.

It’s disturbing to look inside the brain of a person who is doing cocaine. Blood flow is slow and abnormal compared to a non-user. Such abnormality could be the basis of memory loss, learning problems, attention deficit and even stroke.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy

Patients can benefit from two sessions of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, every day during the first week of detoxification. The government recognized the safety of this treatment a few years ago. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is helpful during rehab by repairing damaged blood vessels and transforming blood vessels to oxygen-starved tissues. It also increases oxygen levels and repairs tissues through decreased swelling of inflammation.