What Does Pathway Genomics Do?

Pathway Genomics is a San Diego-based precision medical diagnostic company offering both genetic testing and Artificial Intelligence applications designed to help physicians offer the best possible care to their patients. To accomplish this goal, it operates a clinical library accredited by the CAP and the CLIA that offers precision healthcare information to physicians in over 40 countries. The company has already developed tests for somatic and hereditary cancers and is engaged in pharmacogenomics testing for several well-known drugs.

Company History

Founded in 2009 by Michael Nova and Jim Plante, Pathway Genomics has been focused on upholding a vision of making both genetic testing and personalized medicine more accessible to all patients. From the initial steps taken by the company to develop new testing strategies for diagnosing genetically inherited disorders and measuring drug responses to its recent forays into artificial intelligence, Pathway Genomics has succeeded in living up to this vision.

Pathway OME

In 2014, Pathway Genomics partnered with IBM and announced its intention to develop and deliver the first cognitive consumer-facing app to merge AI and deep learning, known as OME. OME is a mobile healthcare application that integrates AI to provide consumers with personalized wellness information based on users’ personal health histories.

General Health and Wellness Products

Pathway Genomics also continues to produce industry-leading tests and analyses of genomic markers indicating an increased risk of developing complex health conditions. The primary benefit of these tests for patients is that it helps them understand their genetic predispositions toward developing certain conditions and encourages them to take steps to prevent them. Patients who know they are at high risk for developing cardiac conditions, for example, can begin to make dietary and lifestyle changes that can help them avoid developing cardiovascular disease.

Carrier Screenings

Carrier screening allows patients who wish to have children to be screened for over 70 recessive genetic diseases. This gives them the perspective needed to make informed decisions with the help of their physicians regarding the risk of passing on these diseases to children, even if they are only carriers and do not suffer from the disease. In combination with Pathway Genomic’s other specialized tests and products, it can help physicians offer the best possible care and patients make the most responsible decisions regarding their health and their children’s health.